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Character of English people.
Almost every nation has a reputation of some kind. Russian people are believed to be generous, open-hearted and kind, Spanish are said to be noble and very proud,  French are supposed to be romantic, merry and charming, Italians are known to be talkative noisy and passionate, Germans are very efficient but rather dull, Americans are  energetic, technical-minded and easy-going. Now, what about  Eng¬lish? What is a typical English¬man like? Many people, especially those who have  never lived in England think that English people are cold and reserved. Some believe English eat porridge for breakfast and read the Times every day, wear formal clothes and very old fashioned. I also believed in this stereotype before I first visited England. How surprised I was to find about that it’s not true.
      So, what can I say about English people? I don’t think that British people are reserved. They are very friendly and willing to talk to, very polite and easy-going. When I asked the way in Britain people not only told me how to get to a certain place, sometimes they lead the way, sometimes they asked me about my country or told about themselves..
      I can say that British people like their homes very much. House is very important for British people. There is no place like home says British proverb. English people are very house proud and love their home very much. About 70 per cent of them have their own houses. Most homes have a garden in which  British spend a lot of time growing flowers and looking after the lawn. All houses in England are very beautiful, decorated with flowers. Their  sense and feeling for privacy is notorious. England is the land of brick fences and stone walls , of hedges, of thick draperies at all the windows, and reluctant introductions
      English not only love their homes but also their pets. Many people keep cats, dogs, budgies and other animals at home. They are completely crazy about pets and obsessed with the conditions in which animals are kept. There are more animal rights groups in Britain than anywhere else in the world.
      English people are famous for their habit of politeness. And you can see it everywhere. In a bus, bus driver will smile to you and joke with passengers In a shop, shop assistants are very friendly and helpful. Even teenagers seem to be more polite than teenagers in other countries.
It is considered polite to give up one's seat to a woman who is standing, to open a door for her, carry things for her, and so on. Most British people expect the person in front of them to hold the door open for them. People think you are rude, if you don't do this. Most British people queue when they are waiting for a bus or waiting to be served in a shop. But during the rush hour, when a bus or train arrives, people often push forward to make sure they get on. This is called jumping the queue. British people keep their old traditions and are very proud of them.

      Englishmen tend to be rather conservative, they love familiar things. They are hostile, or at least bored, when they hear any suggestion that some modification of their habits, or the intro¬duction of something new and unknown into their lives, might be to their advantage. This conservatism, on a national scale, may be illustrated by reference to the public attitude to the monarchy, an institution which is held in affection and reverence by nearly all English people

      English people are fond of sports. Many continentals think life is a game; the English think cricket is a game. To many Englishmen cricket is both a game and a standard of behaviour. When they consider something unfair, they say "That isn't cricket".

      They are crazy about music, especially live music. There are a lot of pubs with live music there. One evening I went to a pub with my friend. A woman was playing the piano and singing old songs. People in the pub surrounded her and listened, nobody talked or laughed, nobody ate, they just listened and sang with her. It was amazing!

      The traditional love of English people for tea is well known. They like to drink tea with milk. They have their five-o'clock tea not only at home or in offices, but also in tea-rooms and tea-shops, which can be found in every town.

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