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Как изучать иностранные языки [28]
Подборка статей на тему - Изучение иностранных языков
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Судовая переписка. Нотисы о готовности к погрузочно разгрузочным операциям.
1. Notice of Readiness of the ship to discharge cargo

                                                                                                   London, 15th March, 20 . . .
Messrs. White & Co., Grain Importers,
12 Fenchurch Street,
London, E. C. 2.

Dear Sirs,
               Please take notice that my vessel the in/v "Sukhona” is now lying alongside the Commercial Wharf at Berth № 5, and is ready to discharge the cargo under Charter Party dated February 9, 19 . . .
                      The laydays according to the Charter Party are commencing this 15th of March and will expire on the 20th inst., after which time the vessel will be on demurrage.
                                                                                                        Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                            N. F. Petrov
                                                                                                  Master of the m/v "Sukhona”

2. Notice of Readiness of the dry cargo vessel to load or discharge cargo
                                                                                                        Bordeaux, 17th  August, 20 . .
Messrs., C. Rochale & Co., Textile Manuufacturers,
27 Rue de France,
Bordeaux, France.

Dear Sirs,
              This is to inform you that the m/v "Sergei Botkin” under my command has arrived at this port to-day at 15.00 hours local time, received free pratique and is in all respects ready to load/ discharge 3000 tons of Cotton as per Charter Party dated Paris the 1st of August, 19 . . .
                                                                                                    Yours faithfully,
                                                                                                      N. V. Fedorov
                                                                                        Master of the m/v "Sergei Botkin”
Notice accepted
at 17.00 hours
on the 17th Aug., 20 . . .
on behalf of Messrs. C. Rochale & Co.
by Messrs. Peel & Co., Ltd., Ship Agent

3. Notice of Readiness of the tanker to load or discharge cargo

                                                                                                               Hull, 21st November, 20 . . .


Messrs. Bentley & Co., Ltd.,
10 Leadenhall Street,
Hull, England.
Dear Sirs,
              I wish to inform you that the m/t "Elbrus” is in all respects ready to commence loading/discharging the cargo of Fuel Oil +10C.
              Lay hours will commence upon the expiration of six hours after the receipt of this notice, berth or no berth, unless actual loading/discharging is commenced earlier.
                                                                                                            Your faithfully,
                                                                                                              I. F. Sidorov
                                                                                                    Master of the m/t "Elbruss”
Notice accepted
at 08.00 hours
on the 21st November, 20 . . .
on behalf of Messrs. Bentley & Co.
by Messrs. Harrison & Co., Ship Agent

  4. Notice of Readiness of the tanker to discharge cargo

                                                                                                        San Francisco, 27thDec., 19 . . .
Messrs. J. Farley & Co., Inc.,
272 Grand Avenue,
San Francisco, Calif., U.S.A.  
                 Please be advised that the m/t "Grozny” is hereby tendered to you as being in all respects ready to discharge the cargo of  7000 tons of Tung Oil as per Charter Party dated New York, the 1st of December, 19 . . .
                                                                                                              Yours truly,
                                                                                                             V. V. Vasiliev    
                                                                                                  Master of the m/t "Grozny”
The above tender is hereby accepted
at 7.30 a. m., on Dec. 27, 19 . . .
on behalf of Messrs. J. Farley & Co., Inc.
by The Pacific Shipping Co., Inc., as Agents

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